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  1. Always good to hear you guys. Tony is right. It is fine if you leave door wide open. We had a bigger issue at my workplace in the past. The Mens room configuration was 3 urinals (no dividers) and 3 stalls. We generally agreed later that the unwritten protocol of which facility to use in a pee scenario for this configuration was to use the following in this order:
    * Left or Right side urinal
    * If someone was at left or right side urinal, use the one on the other side (leaving middle open).
    * If both left and right urinals in use – then use either of the two (non-handicapped) stalls
    * If all of the above in use, OK to use the handicapped stall.
    * Only OK to use middle urinal if all other options taken in a rare bathroom rush on a meeting break or equivalent (hardly ever happened).

    However we had a team from India on the floor. Nice guys and smart guys, but obviously from a culture of different personal space norms. If there was one of these guys was there when you came in, he would generally be at the middle urinal. Worse if you were alone at a right or left facility, they would still choose the middle. Our heads about exploded and it drove the use of stalls for peeing to record levels.

    Do you agree with the base protocol and have you seen this phenomena of the middle-pee’er guy before?

    1. I think that social norms dictate that this is the proper course of action, especially if there are no dividers (animals). The whole dynamic in the office seems pretty intense though. Reminds me when I worked with Tommy at the “sports information” company and they had bathroom rules taped to the wall. My favorite rule was, “Do not unzip your fly until standing at urinal.” It would have to be a pretty big emergency for me to unzip on the walk over. Like Superman ripping his shirt open before he gets to the phone booth…

      1. Wasn’t there a lawsuit (probably failed) that a female janitor was cleaning a men’s bathroom and a suit came in and after passing the door, he already had his wang out to urinate and the lady janitor saw his manhood and sued.

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