2 thoughts on “So I have a question – Show 22”

  1. Hey. You two Dufuses. Go to your reunions. It is likely you will have good time and almost certain it will be interesting in some respects. You are both great conversationalists so it is inevitable you will leave a positive impression. People will be happy you went. Drop the pride concerns – you are both more than fine – no jail time even. There will likely be some braggarts at 20 years, but this is the point where that starts to drop off a bit so let that slide. Life is short, don’t talk yourself out of a couple hours of interesting opportunities that do not return in your life. I look forward to the ‘So I have a Question’ episode titled “So what did you learn in your reunion?”. (smh) Dufuses.

  2. Or do what I did… emigrate to the opposite side of the planet shortly before the 20 year reunion. Since then they’ve demolished all the old buildings, so I guess there’ll never be another chance to feel superior/inferior/disappointed/envious. From what I can see of ex-classmates on Facebook etc, I don’t think I’ve missed out on anything special. Next topic, please.

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